Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Here's a picture of the Peanuts comic strip that I spoke about in my last post. I've found 3 of these so far in identical frames. I hope you're able to see how these frames are so decorative at the wood corners and then inside they are light blue velvet! All three that I've found are from 1973. Cute huh?


  1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying looking at yours. I see where you are in Clarksville. I've never been there, but George's parents live in Hendersonville --so we go there every couple of weeks to check on them.

    Love the framed Charlie Brown cartoons.. That's a great way to 'keep' it...

    Come back to my blog--and I'll check out more of yours.

  2. Thanks Betsy. Hendersonville isn't far from Clarksville. About an hour and 20 minutes. I liked your blog too. I will be back to visit it again and again. My friend Marge over at Simple Cookery is how I found your blog. Guess we Tennessee gals have a way of finding each other. Take care!