Sunday, October 18, 2009

War is a Racket

I came across an old book written by one of the most decorated veterans in history. I believe it's worth your time to read it. In this day and age with our economic problems it's more important than ever for you to understand the truth of our USA. Our tax dollars are flying out the window to fund war. War for what? Here is a link to read the outline of General Butler's book.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Amazing Asbestos

I've just about gone through the entire estate I've been working on and I'm glad to see the end in sight. The Frederick books I posted about last time did sell on ebay. Not for as much as I wished but that's how ebay rolls! The buyer was happy with his purchase.

One of the strange things I've found going through some of the old magazines are the ads. I had a 1943 Time magazine that didn't sell on ebay so I went through and started cutting out the ads to sell. I made more money selling the single ads than I was asking for the magazine by itself! The ad that got the most attention and sold for the highest price was called "Amazing Asbestos!" It was a one quarter page ad in black and white and in 1943 it was touted as the best thing ever invented! It said you could walk through fire wearing a suit made of asbestos and never get burned! They were really promoting building your house using asbestos to make it more fire proof.

Here we are, 66 years later and there are ads everywhere saying you should call an attorney if you or a loved one has been exposed to asbestos. I guess Mesothelioma is the worst disease linked now a days to asbestos. It's a most dangerous type of lung cancer. My own uncle died of Mesothelioma a few years ago. He was an otherwise healthy man who had never smoked cigarettes in his life. From the time he was diagnosed until the time he died was just a few short months. He had worked in an industry that exposed him to asbestos for many many years.

Looking back at what America promoted as wonderful that many years ago makes me wonder what items we are promoting today that will be deemed as harmful in 60 years to come?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Frederick The Great

I find it pretty time consuming to research books that I'm not familiar with. These pictured are a History of Friedrich II of Prussia also called Frederick the Great. They are 21 books published in 13 volumes from 1858 - 1865. Just looking at the picture it would be hard to tell that they are 144 to 151 years old huh? The top edges are marbled. The books are dark blue but the spines have been exposed to light over the years and it has turned them a teal blue/green. They have gold gilt design on the spine so they are very pretty little books.

When researching I have to look up information on the author, the publisher and the character or subject matter itself.

Turns out the victorian author of these books, Thomas Carlyle was quite loved/unloved/controversial throughout his years. These books were published by Baron Tauchnitz, an extremely popular publisher in the day. So much so that the New York times put an endearing ad in their paper on September 1st, 1895 (just after he died) commemorating all the good he had accomplished in his lifetime.

Frederick The Great was quite a character too. Many have written books about his rise to the throne of Prussia but Thomas Carlyle's exhaustive history of him is considered by some to be one of the greatest works of all times. Frederick didn't want the throne to be passed on to him. He and a couple of friends made plans to run away but his father caught them and made Frederick watch as one of his dear friends was killed for the crime. Frederick loved the arts, music, philosophy and was friends with Voltaire. He would have rather spent his time pursuing his interests but his father and fate wouldn't allow it.

As time passed and his father died, Frederick did take the throne and turned out to be one of the greatest military leaders, administrators, and cultural patrons of all time. I might get a chance to read these volumes and then again I might not. I listed them for sale on ebay this morning. I'm already feeling a little remorse that they might get bought and I might never get to read them. Time will tell!!! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


What a great day! I finished reading the book about Angus this morning. (Wonderful book!!!) I had to do a few errands but since then I've been on this computer researching. You know how it is when you're on one web site and click a link to another and then another....

Well I found a good one for anyone interested in taking care of their books properly. It's also good for anyone wanting to know if their books are valuable. Go here and read the article if you're interested.

If you're like I was, you don't pay much attention to where you store your books. This web site will help you think carefully about how you treat your books from now on.

Books, like anything else we've bought have value. It only makes sense to take care of them and preserve them for later resell or for passing on to our next generation. As the web site I'm sending you to will tell you...."just because a book is old doesn't make it valuable to a book collector." It has to be in good condition too in order to really gain value as the years go by.

Okay, I'm off in another direction for now. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Book about Angus

This can't be avoided. As I'm working my way through older books I seem to want to hoard some of them to have a chance to read them before I try to sell them. Angus isn't that old yet. It was copyrighted in 2000 so only 9 years old now. But this tear jerking story is told from the Dog's perspective. The author (Charles Siebert) does an excellent job at making us humans think! Guys I like this book so much so far, I put up an Amazon link so that you might order it on the cheap! Amazon is a huge used book venue so that you can get what you want at a deep, deep discount. Just to compare my link, the book I'm reading right now still has the price on the dust jacket. It says $18.95 for the USA and $28.95 Canada. The Amazon link shows these starting at .01.....that's a penny plus shipping so you can't go wrong at these prices!

This little book is told from the dog's perspective. A young dog named Angus lies wounded at the edge of a dark wood. In the distance he sees the lights of his owners' cabin. As he starts the long valiant climb back to them, all the stirring sights, sounds, and scents of his brief but wildly episodic life begin to replay before him.

With Angus, Charles Siebert, (author) has performed a singular act of literary ventriloquism- the autobiography of a dog, a book that offers us a wry, poignant, ultimately redemptive view of life and death as perceived through the heightened senses of one very brave, winsome, unforgettable Jack Russell terrier.

Look, I joined the Borders reward club some time ago. I get coupons by email so that I can run over and get 20% to 40% off new books. I won't do much of that any more. Econonic times are harder now. Books that I got a coupon for and still paid $25 for....I can get used copies on Amazon much cheaper. You can too. But here's a tip that matters too.....If you have a local bookstore like Borders or Barnes and Noble, Books a million....see who they have as upcoming authors that will be doing a book signing in your location. If you want the book by that author, and you are willing to stand in line a little while to have the book signed, it could be worth a lot more than you invested in it 10 years from now just because the author signed it!

So your money saving, and money making strategy is this: Buy used books through Amazon. Then, get the schedule from your local book stores of who's coming to town to sign books. Then buy their book first edition and first printing if you can, stand in line and get their autograph. It will be worth your investment later to have the author's signature!

You can go through any Amazon link to get to Amazon (just like my link here to the Angus book.) Once you're at Amazon, you can search any other book or any other Amazon department that you want to. It's the same Amazon with the same prices no matter how you get there! I go over to my friend's link at whenever I order through Amazon. She's an affiliate for Amazon just as I am. She orders through my link when she orders anything there. We each get a few pennies when we order that way. I encourage everyone to become an affiliate/ associate with Amazon. If you have a blog...why not? It's a way to make a few extra bucks on the side!

Look, there's even a grocery link to Amazon. We're all trying to save money on groceries now-a-days! I've put up a link to the grocery department for you to browse through too. We're all trying to think of ways to earn extra money. If you save money ordering anything through my Amazon link and I earn money by having you click on my link,,,it's a win/win situation.

Well, I got off my original subject of Angus. It really is a great little book. You might enjoy it if you have some time to read. Take care and thanks for visiting my blog!

Monday, April 13, 2009

There's More than one Market for Civil War Stuff

This Post is short and sweet about the market for civil war items. I've been testing this for about 6 months now. I had a "fine" large, framed, portrait of Abe Lincoln that I advertised for sale on Craigslist for $175. I had responders that told me they had bought an Abe Lincoln just like mine for $65. (They were trying to get me to lower my price.) I wouldn't go lower. I didn't sell it on Craigslist. When I opened my booth at the antiques mall, the owner told me to price my Abe Lincoln in a range of $225 - $275. I sold it there. (In that range) Big Difference!

The antique mall owner also told me about a rule of thirds. "Pay a third, expect it to take another third to market the item for sale, and the final third is your profit." So if you are thinking of selling an item for $270 dollars....only pay $90 for it. Expect that it will cost you $90 to market or promote it. Then the final $90 will be your profit for all the work you put into it.

I'm working with items right now that are from an inherited estate so the rule of thirds doesn't fully apply except for what I need to learn while selling antiques and collectibles. I didn't have to buy these items for a third. But if you want to be an antique dealer you will need to keep this rule in mind.

I will write more later about going through estates. I will give you as many tips as I can learn along my way too. In this day and age, we all need money saving tips and a few investing tips that we can afford.

If you are trying to sell something on Craigslist then ask yourself how fast you need money. If you don't need it right away, you may have something worth hanging on to for awhile. Don't just buckle because someone emails or calls you and offers you a third of your asking price. If you are however motivated to sell an item to get it out of your all means...let it go. Count the cost. If you are moving and the item would cost you more to haul than to keep....then let it go. Thanks for reading! Hope it helped! Kathy

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm learning new things

I haven't posted for a few days because I've been getting set up with a new booth at a near by antiques and collectibles mall. I managed to get the storage unit cleared out and so far I like the mall. I've sold lots of art work and to my surprise....several books.

I had always heard that Abraham Lincoln and Civil War stuff was popular but I didn't know that people would fight over who gets it!!! My first round of books that I tried to display didn't even get to sit on the shelves. They were bought first! (Tells me that I must have priced them too low.) This is a lesson that I learned and will share with you all. If you have Abe books or civil war books,,,,price them high first. If they don't sell then gradually come down in price.

Another surprise I had was just how many books Ms. Annie had bought as first editions! She was smart in her book buying! I will go into more detail later when I have some more time. But for right now I have hungry children that are waiting for ME to feed them. (My adult children starving!) Sad huh?

I will take some more pictures to share with you of some of the books I've found. Lots of interesting stuff to share. Until then, have a wonderful week and thanks for reading! Kathy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jade Bird

Hi Ya'll,

I know my blog is about old books and vintage paper but if you're following you know that I'm having to make my way through other items before I can get to all of my books.

I've been out antique-ing for the past three days trying to find furniture and stuff that I've come upon in this old estate. I wanted to find similar items to the one's we're selling to get an idea of the proper price of each thing. I'd love to hear from other's of you who have had to make a tough decision of whether to have an estate sale or try to sell stuff yourselves.

I didn't even know Ms. Annie who died and left this stuff to my brother but already I'm feeling emotionally attached. There's something about going through someone's lifetime accumulation of things that gives you a hint as to who they were. It's as if people who have passed on have left us clues as to who they were even if we didn't know them. All I can say is that the more I go through her things, the more I want to respect what she stood for or believed in. I think my brother is lucky to have known her and I wish I could have known her too.

I will write more about her book collection as time goes by. I'm not even in the middle of her books yet and I know I have some sets of books going on. I can't advertise them as sets until I know for sure the whole set is there. I think I will find the complete sets as I'm able to get to the crates in storage. So in the meantime, I will share parts of her story with you.

She loved everything Western. She was raised in California. She started her own glass company in California back in the day. After several years and being tired of the business and burnt out with the glass orders to fill...(very successful business) she hopped on a plane and flew to somewhere where she didn't have anyone looking for her. She ended up in Tennessee! Decided to live here!

I've come across several railroad items. No doubt she was interested in the railroad because her father was a conductor for Pacific Railways. He was born 1884 and died 1954. The reason I know is because I came across her father's death memorial certificate put out by the Pacific Railway. She told my brother years ago that when her mother and father split up, her father actually paid her mother a certain sum of money to get her. (Her mother sold her) and backed out of her life. Ms. Annie loved her father and traveled all over the world with him. He instilled in her a love of art and history. (Also a love of skeet shooting and horse racing!) But she also loved birds, wildlife in general, and cats!

In today's blog I want to show you a picture of a jade bird in her collection. It's very unusual to say the least. I've been researching this piece and I haven't found it anywhere. Ms. Annie picked things that are quite a mystery!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've Been a Busy Girl

Since I last posted I've been busy! My brother brought me a few more items to try to sell and I've been back to the storage unit myself to bring more items out of the way so that I can clear that long path to my books! I had to put some stuff for sale on Craigs list to try to clean out my garage. I sold my old inversion table so that I can have room to set old furniture. I've had two antique dealers come to my house and buy a few things. That helped clear the clutter a little but I have a long way to go.

Right now I have an antique prayer chair and and antique chamber pot seat in my garage. I also have some antique oriental rugs. I've spent quite some time researching antique rugs to try to find an idea of the value of these I have. Not much luck with that research. We don't have a rug dealer in my town and apparently no rug appraiser either!

I ran an auction on ebay last week and sold 10 things. All of the women's antiquarian sewing books sold in bulk. They were a popular item and had a dozen people watching them! I put one of the old Oz books up and it sold for $17.50. I couldn't believe it! I put in my description how bad the Oz book was but the people were interested in the book's color plates which were still in good condition. So the lesson I learned is that if you have an old book that's really nasty, but the color plates or pictures are still in good shape, then this book will most likely sell. (If it's popular, rare or collectible to someone.)

The two antique dealers that came over told me not to change anything. They said even if I think something is too old, dirty, dingy, dusty...just leave it be. They said there are people who will take it in the poor condition I find it in and do whatever their project is. They said a big part of the appeal is that old, worn out look. So I've stopped being hard on items that I thought were beyond selling.

My sister sent me a link last week to a place called I looked it over and liked it so much that I joined. It's like listing your items for sale in a place that combines ebay with craigs list. You can actually get a free account and click on a feature to show items near you that are for sale. The beauty in that is that you can find something you want to buy, go pick it up and not have to pay shipping! But you can still sell your items all over not just locally. Another good thing about it is that you can set up your booth, list your stuff for sale and leave your listing until it sells. In the meantime, you don't have to pay any fees if your item doesn't sell. When your item does sell, the fees charged are cheaper than ebays! So instead of listing my books here in my right column, I have added an RSS feed in my upper right column that leads to my booth at Bonanzle... and a widget too! Now if you want to see what I'm selling you can click on my inventory link or the widget and it will take you to my very pretty Bonanzle booth items! Cool huh?

I've only listed 7 items so far but I'm sure I'll be hanging out over there uploading more and more in the next coming days. Speaking of uploading more, I best be on my way to taking more pictures and getting them posted. Until next time....kat

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Heritage History Magazines

I have come across 4 or 5 crates of the American Heritage history magazines by now. The oldest issues are from 1958. To me they are more than a magazine because they came in hard cover. I sort of allowed them to take up my afternoon when I brought them out of storage and started looking at them. The first ones I found were from 1968. I said to myself "you were only 7 years old when these came out." And then I started reading the articles and looking at the pictures. They were intended to be great stories and pictures of American History (and they are.) But now they are two types of history because of the way they were written back in the 50's and 60's. It's because the writing style and the words used in some instances back then would be considered politically incorrect today. They take me back to ways I was taught when I was a kid that are no longer correct today.

When I was in school, we had nine planets in our solar system. All that has changed. I was disturbed when I learned that Pluto isn't really a planet!! Since I didn't like Science, I probably studied my heart out to get an "A" on a Science test that had something to do with Pluto!!

You know, it's sort of funny to me now but when I was younger, I didn't care at all about learning History, Geography or Science. I had to force myself. But I do care now. How did that happen? Last year was the first time I ever made myself sit down and read all of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence!

These old magazines have some of the most beautiful photographs and illustrations that I have seen anywhere. Many of them would even be suitable for framing!

One of the 1959 books even had a reprint article from the year 1900 that said "Don't let your Children read comic books, it will destroy their minds" I had to laugh. I always heard it was rock and roll that destroyed our minds....not comic books! I just had to share this part of my storage unit discovery with you. If you get a chance to read an old book or magazine....enjoy! Until next time, thanks for reading....Kat

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Here's a picture of the Peanuts comic strip that I spoke about in my last post. I've found 3 of these so far in identical frames. I hope you're able to see how these frames are so decorative at the wood corners and then inside they are light blue velvet! All three that I've found are from 1973. Cute huh?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Says You Can't Leave Your Children a Fortune?

The reason I added vintage paper to my old books blog is that I've found many interesting things to do with old paper that comes from books, magazines, and newspaper. I had a Time Magazine that wouldn't sell on ebay. It was a 1949 issue. The print ads inside that magazine were cracking me up. So I cut the pages out. I sold a 3/4 page ad from that magazine for $4.03 on ebay. The buyer paid the shipping fees. The ad was titled "Amazing Asbestos". It was glorifying all the amazing things that asbestos could do. So now here we are, 60 years later, knowing all the BAD things that asbestos can cause......and that ad seems pretty wrong huh? I mean, hard to believe that just 60 years ago, this country was promoting asbestos as the next best thing since sliced bread! So vintage paper can be sold to those who are interested in a particular subject that they are collecting.

Think of this too: Suppose you grew up in a particular city or town. Now you've moved away and you've been gone several years. Suddenly you notice (on ebay or elsewhere) that you can buy the old newspaper articles from your childhood....from your old hometown. Or maybe an old catalog where your parents used to order all your childhood toys. Wouldn't that take you back? Would you like to go back and read them again? Would you even pay a few bucks for that personal history? Lots of people do!!

Some categories of news clips and magazine articles and ads are popular. Movie stars are popular. Politicians (some of them) are very popular. Sports stars like car racing, horse racing, baseball, football, golf,,,,,, and then old maps, vintage clothing or knitting patterns, you name it someone is collecting it!

So when I titled this post "Who says you Can't leave your children a fortune" I mean, think about what you buy. Think about what you throw away or maybe recycle. Recycling is good for our planet. Thinking of collections to clip from magazines and newspapers is even better. It's a win/win. You clip articles and ads of the things you are collecting. Then recycle the rest that you don't want. Your collections will be held for years. You were going to buy that newspaper or that magazine anyway. Why not save parts of it to earn several dollars in later years? Store them properly. Don't leave them in a damp garage or attic where they will be exposed to humidity or extreme heat. They will either dry rot or become moldy if you don't store them properly.

Don't put newspaper clippings inside other books or magazines. There is something in Newspaper that turns brown with age. If it's laying between the pages of another book, it will make those pages turn brown too. (It may be that newspaper is more acidic.)

In my next post I will show you some clippings of the peanuts comic strips which are popular now-a days. You can't clip them now to save because they ended in 2000. Every peanuts strip now is simply a re-run. So Peanuts from 1950 - 2000 are vintage. After 2000, you may still see them in your daily newspaper, but they are re-runs. I will show you some pictures in my next post.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Oldest Oz Books

I'm happy to say that I just sold my two oldest Oz books. I removed them from the list of Oz books for sale in my right column. The lady who bought them said she wanted them because they are in public domain and she wanted to use the color plates in the books! I'm excited to see that even though the books were in such bad shape, someone can still find use for them. The two titles I sold were "The Scarecrow of Oz" and "Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz."

I checked to see about the later titles and they aren't in public domain yet. For those of you who haven't heard of it yet, public domain is pretty cool! Books that were published prior to 1923 are no longer copyright protected. (At least that's my understanding of it.) (And I might add here that I'm speaking about copyright laws in America because I don't know about copyright laws in other countries.) When a book is in public domain, that means it belongs to the public to use as they wish for projects or to change it slightly and republish it as their own! Lots of people have made several dollars by taking old books in public domain and making them their own. Some works that were published after 1923 can be in public domain too but there are many rules that apply so if you're thinking about using public domain you should really check with a copyright attorney to make sure you can obtain rights to an old work without being accused of infringement!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Just Felt Like Crying

I mentioned in my first post how I have always loved books. I'm not kiddin! I love the way they feel in my hands and I love the way they smell. I was the same way about fresh new notebook paper and the smell of real wooden pencils too! School was my escape and when I was young I loved school.
I think they allowed us to go to the library at my little country school when we made it to 5th grade! We were big enough kids then to check out library books! Our little school library was really a walk in coat closet that had been used to store books instead. The first book I checked out was "Bambi". A chapter book that made me cry. It was so sad! I also checked out "Old Yeller"....and it made me cry. Then I checked out "Where the Red Fern Grows" ....and guess what? It made me cry. Of course I eventually moved on to books that didn't always make me cry. Throughout the years I've probably averaged reading 4 or 5 books per month. Some I'm glad to say have given me a lot of good feelings and laughter, while others have scared the daylights out of me! So now you know that I get emotional over books. You won't be surprised when I tell you about the Wizard of Oz books I found in one crate in the storage unit....and how they made me want to cry!

I've done enough research by now to know how special these old books are. And for anyone my age, who didn't love watching the movie of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? So when I found these messed up...I felt like crying.

I've listed them in the right column for sale here but I think they really need to go to a book conservator or at least someone who knows one. I don't have a book conservator here in my town. If you're interested in these books and you're up for the task of overhauling them, you can email me at I will tell you what damage I see and then show you the pictures below. They definately have old wet damage, and from what I've read, some of the areas that look whitish/dusty are deactivated mold. The book covers are worn/chewed, one spine completely missing. They are coming loose from their bindings, the black and white illustrations have been colored by a child. The name plate has the name of the child who owned them (of course). The pages are browned with age and soiled with various brown spots and smudges. Surprisingly though, most of the color illustrations are still bright and in good condition
When I list these things here, I would appreciate any comments that any of you have to offer me. Maybe you have good ideas about what I could do with these books?

What's in my way?

If you will read my first post about how I ended up with 2000 old books then this post will make sense to you. You see, to get to the old books I have to somehow create a path to them. They are in the back of the storage unit behind furniture and artwork. My youngest son and I have been there twice alone and have taken down smaller pieces of furniture like end tables and set them out in the hallway of the storage building so that we could get to the art and carry them out. Once past the art, we could actually reach some of the crates with old books in them. Carrying home everything that I could fit in my car trunk and my back seat, I was able to get a few items home and get them dusted. Some of the pictures have glass and some don't. For those that do, I've used a lot of windex to clean and shine them up. I've sold a few on Craig's list which I like because I don't have to worry about shipping.

I've just about got all the artwork home now and I have to tell you it is really crowded inside my house! My oldest son was able to help me move some of the small furniture here last weekend with his truck. So now we have an (almost clear path) to the books. But the books are on the bottom in crates and there's another ton of furniture like chairs and more tables stacked like a house of cards on top of those crates! Next time I go back with my youngest son I will be having him climb and start handing down pieces of furniture to me so that we can set those in the hallway of the storage building and reach more books.

But I want to show you something that I found in all the artwork. This oil painting on canvas is 45 inches tall in the frame and 33 inches wide. The actual painting without frame is 36 inches by 24 inches. So in order to get it into the trunk of my car and bring it home I had to let my backseats down. It's big, beautiful and signed by the artist. I spent about 4 hours yesterday morning google searching everything I could about this artist. His name is Andreas Gyula Bubarnik. Some of his paintings sell for over $5,000. I put this one on Craigs list yesterday around noon for $2,500. I've already received an email question about it but I don't know if there are any serious art collectors in my town or not. Time will tell. Meanwhile, if you've been looking for a Bubarnik Oil painting and you want to buy this one, email me at You would have to pay for shipping and insurance. If you're interested, let me know.

Monday, February 23, 2009

How I Ended up With 2000 Old Books

Hi Ya'll,
I'm Kathy. I'm not a Katherine or Kathleen. Just Kathy. I'm a Tennessee country girl, raised by a tobacco farmer and still have the scars to prove it! Starting my life on a farm has helped me face many challenges that life has offered me. Every job I've ever held after working in a tobacco patch seemed pretty darn easy! My dad taught with strict authority and cutting sarcasm. So from that I learned not to mess up the same way twice! In fact, it caused me to think I had to be everything!

Well, now that I'm almost 48 years old, and raised 3 kids of my own by myself, I not only gave up the idea of perfection, but have even learned to laugh at my mistakes (a little). I'll be sharing some of my mistakes as well as some of what I've learned along the way with you, dear blog audience.

Now, down to the details.....
I find myself rather suddenly, with 2000 books and several hundred old magazines to sell. My brother inherited these about 2 years ago when his 92 year old friend died and left him in her will. In fact, she left him the entire contents of her house, and in a separate location, she left him 115 acres of farmland!!

So why did he inherit but I am the one selling?
I thought he had already sold all the contents of her old house. But in January of this year, he told me he had rented a climate controlled storage unit just 10 minutes from my house to store the remaining things from her household goods. (My brother lives an hour away in a place called Bumpus Mills, TN. (They don't have any climate controlled storage in his little map dot town.) But I live in Clarksville, TN and it's a border town to the military base of Ft. Campbell, KY so there are plenty of storage companies here.

I think my brother mentioned it to me at this time because I became unemployed in October of last year and he knew I might have time to sell these things now. He's really being very sweet because he told me if I wanted to try to sell his stuff, I could keep the money myself if I sold anything. He hasn't had time to mess with any of it because he works a lot of overtime for TVA. The storage unit is costing him $105 per month. So it's a win/win for both of us if I can get these things sold.

Now in my farm girl imagination, I thought everyone who visits ebay couldn't wait to get their hands on all the treasures I would find in these 2000 books. (I'm unemployed so I have time to create all these listings on ebay.) I wasn't even considering the magazines. In my mind, I was only considering the fact that I have always loved books and so must everyone else! Boy was I dismayed!

This blog will be somewhat of a journal for me to keep online. You will get to see what I'm learning as I go...... about old books and about life itself.

I will offer books for sale or ideas to share as time goes by. If you'd like to be on my email list just fill out your name and email address above in the right column. If you have a question for me you can email me at