Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm learning new things

I haven't posted for a few days because I've been getting set up with a new booth at a near by antiques and collectibles mall. I managed to get the storage unit cleared out and so far I like the mall. I've sold lots of art work and to my surprise....several books.

I had always heard that Abraham Lincoln and Civil War stuff was popular but I didn't know that people would fight over who gets it!!! My first round of books that I tried to display didn't even get to sit on the shelves. They were bought first! (Tells me that I must have priced them too low.) This is a lesson that I learned and will share with you all. If you have Abe books or civil war books,,,,price them high first. If they don't sell then gradually come down in price.

Another surprise I had was just how many books Ms. Annie had bought as first editions! She was smart in her book buying! I will go into more detail later when I have some more time. But for right now I have hungry children that are waiting for ME to feed them. (My adult children starving!) Sad huh?

I will take some more pictures to share with you of some of the books I've found. Lots of interesting stuff to share. Until then, have a wonderful week and thanks for reading! Kathy


  1. I'm not surprised that Abe is popular as well as the Civil War considering the local history. We only had a couple of trips back in high school - one was to the Jefferson Davis Monument and the other was to Fort Donelson. Have fun selling!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean about the high school trips. We had them too. But please read the next post because I'm going to elaborate on this subject. Thanks again, Kat